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Readymade companies

Want to start a new business? Readymade company is the fastest way – you will have a company on the same day!

Readymade company is the simplest, fastest and most convenient way to start new business.   A readymade company will be sold at the notary’s office to the new owner, who can start  business immediately. All our readymade companies are registered and ready to start business. The most often used form of a company is private limited company (the Estonian abbreviation for it is OÜ).

The great advantage of a readymade company is that the buyer does not have to pay share capital of  2500EUR to the bank, as the founder of the company has done it already. Neither does the buyer have to bother about all legal details for establishing a company. It has already been done for you, just choose the company you like!

If you order a readymade company from us

  • we will advise you in all matters related to buying a readymade company;
  • we will change – according to your wishes –  the register data of a readymade company (business name, address, owners, management board, articles of association, etc.);
  • we will make notary’s appointment and pay the levy/state fee;
  • we will file all required documents to the commercial register.

The service fee depends on the number of buyers and additional (if any) needs (e.g. need for an interpreter). If the buyer does not speak Estonian, an interpreter is required at the notary’s to explain the contents of the agreement in the language the buyer understands.

If you wish, we can also assist with setting up a bank account for the company in the bank chosen by you.

Please send your inquiry and we will respond to you at the first opportunity.

If you do not wish to buy a readymade company (private limited company), we can help you to establish your own company.

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